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Our advisory services comprise of two core competencies being taxation planning and transaction facilitation advice. Taxation planning focuses on planning local and international approaches to optimising compliance with various tax regimes, as well as the effective taxation rate paid. Our transaction facilitation function comprises due diligence and valuation services. Through our transaction advisory services we assist our clients with the following:

  • structuring of primary transaction terms;
  • use of most appropriate entities;
  • negotiation support;
  • drafting and review of heads of agreement;
  • determining optimal funding structures; and
  • restructuring of balance sheets.
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Special Purpose Accounting Services

Our special purpose accounting services assist our clients across a broad range of accounting disciplines either on an execution or support basis. These services span the accounting spectrum from assistance with the basic bookkeeping to the design and implementation of accounting processes and control and technical accounting support. Through our special purpose accounting service we assist our clients with the following:

  • accounts construction and reconstruction;
  • consolidations;
  • technical accounting advice;
  • planning, budgeting and financial reporting;
  • annual financial statement preparation;
  • outsourced CFO services;
  • audit facilitation services; and
  • financially oriented legal support services.
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Welcome to AgilityInspired business insights, decisively delivered

Welcome to Agility

Agility is energised by delivering outcomes that realise financial benefits for our clients. We achieve this by enhancing the approach to a transaction or a business process.

Working together with our clients, we examine the financial, accounting, contractual and taxation aspects of the business and we identify ways to unlock financial benefits or eliminate unnecessary costs.

We apply financial, return-based thinking to all engagements in order to ensure that, when clients engage with Agility, there is a positive real return on the engagement for the client.

We are a team of problem-solvers that enjoy the challenge of resolving accounting, financial and structuring issues and inefficiencies. This is delivered through our advisory and specialised accounting services.


Agility works closely with clients to identify instances and areas where we can unlock value.

We then assess the anticipated benefits versus the cost of the engagement, in order to ensure a positive return on the engagement for the client.

Agility then plans and implements the entire engagement from design through to implementation and ongoing management.



Agility's offices are located approximately 1 km from the Sandton CBD.

Phone:+27 (11) 783 1754
Fax:+27 (87) 577 1305